This blog is about history and its presence in the digital age. How does it exist on the Internet? How can it help or hurt educate generations as technology is integrated more and more into our lives.

History is “ancient” so how does the past catch up with the present?!


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Week 12

Go to the National Archives and Records Administration Citizen Archivist website and experiment with one of the tasks.  Blog about your experience and the Citizen Archivist project as a whole. So the National Archives has started a project that actively requires “audience or visitor” participation. Creating a log on for the National Archives and can … Continue reading Week 12

Week 10

Blog post: Compare your digital persona to that of the bloggers and twitterstorians you have been following since the beginning of the semester. How do you present yourself online? How would you attract attention to your digital products? How can you harness the power of Web 2.0 to engage with and use your audience So … Continue reading Week 10

Week 8

Blog post: analyze three related Wikipedia pages (they can be on WWI or a subject of your choice).  Discuss the debates that are raised in their “talk” sections. So I’ll admit it. I use Wikipedia. Quite often actually.  Its a great resource to learn basic information rather quickly. I don’t normally question its validity or … Continue reading Week 8

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